iGaging Original digital calipers


iGaging Original digital calipers

iGaging OriginCal 150mm Calipers

- Absolute encoding technology
- Memorize absolute origin zero
- Ultra-Response measure speed
- IP54 Protective rating
- High contrast LCD display
- Resolution: .0005”/0.01mm
- Stainless steel frame
- Protective case
- 3V CR2032 Battery
- Data output ability


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Additional Information
Superior quality tool based on the legendary Mitutoyo calipers. These read up to 150mm/6" and offer origin setting, meaning they always read 0 when closed. No need to reset them (once initially set). Metric readings displayed to two decimal places whilst inches are displayed to 4 decimal places. Smooth sliding action with crisp digital display. IP54 rated water and dust resistance, shockproof. Data output port. Spare battery included with the iGaging Original digital calipers. Our cheaper iGaging calipers offer excellent value for money whilst these offer a superior finish and action with the origin function offering easy fuss-free use. We use these in our workshop.

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