iGaging Precision Double Square Kit iGaging Precision Double Square Kit
iGaging Precision Double Square Kit $55.00
Set of 2 Professional Precision Double Squares. Super high quality tool with hardened steel blade. Head may be locked securely in any position along the blade.
Multi-Square: Solid Brass Square
Multi-Square: Solid Brass Square $85.00
Rule, set, mark and square. New stock has now arrived - due to improved efficiency in the manufacturing process savings can be passed on to you in reduced prices - now under $100. The Multi-Square is a 140 x 140mm (imperial 5 ½” x 5 ½”) solid brass square and will become one of the most versatile tools in your workshop. Made from solid 1.6mm brass Photo-chemically etched markings Polished with clear coat lacquer on both sides Dowel diameters gauge 9.5 and 12mm (imperial ½” and 3/8") 140mm ruler horizontal and vertical Main angle milled to exactly 90° Certified accurate to ±0.05mm Precision CNC milled 0-70mm centre ruler (imperial 0-3″) Dovetail marker at 1:7 Mitre milled to 45° 360° protractor Made on the Gold Coast, Australia by Master Cut Technology. This item is available in both metric and for a limited time imperial. Please specify in order notes if you would like IMPERIAL otherwise the metric version will be sent.
Brass Rule Original 1.6mm thick Brass Rule Original 1.6mm thick
Brass Rule Original 1.6mm thick $70.00
Wood Measure Solid Brass Rule. New stock available now – price reduced due to more efficient manufacturing processes. Now under $100. All accuracy begins with correct measuring. This 1.6mm thick brass rule combines accuracy, readability and the beauty of solid brass. With one tool you can measure, set equipment, check sharpening angles and set dovetail angles. Made from 1.6mm thick solid brass Precision photo chemical etching 0–350mm measuring scale Dovetail angles of 1:6 and 1:8 Common sharpening angles for planes and chisels Included 45° and 90° marks Edge scale for setting routers and saws Acid-etched and paint filled markings for longevity Lacquer finish front and back to prevent tarnishing Produced in small batches Made on the Gold Coast Australia by Master Cut Technology
iGaging 150mm Precision Double Square iGaging 150mm Precision Double Square
iGaging 150mm Precision Double Square $40.00
The 150mm Precision Double Square with both metric and imperial markings on both sides of the blade.
Precision Measuring Set
Precision Measuring Set $160.00
The Precision Measuring Set gives you the Interwood Brass Rule Original and the Interwood Multi-Square together in a fitted wood case. Both tools are expertly made from brass with etched millimetre increments. The ruler reads to 350mm, has common angles, both 1:6 and 1:8 dovetail marks and has an edge rule on one end. Ideal for general measuring, marking and machine set-ups. The Mult-Square is a ‘go to’ tool for measuring up to 140mm, machine fence setting, router table work and as a general square. Made of brass, precision cut, permanently etched and has a centring ruler on the long edged. The Precision Measuring Set tools come in a Queensland silky-oak case that is mini-CNC routered and is polished with a hardwax oil. Included free with the set is an Interwood Wood Rule. High quality solid brass tools  
Interwood Cabinetmakers Square Interwood Cabinetmakers Square
Interwood Cabinetmakers Square from $150.00
Standard: Aluminium 6mm thick square only Premium: Aluminium 6mm thick square with solid wood fence attached
Sold out
Interwood Super-Square Interwood Super-Square
Interwood Super-Square $175.00
Large WoodworK SUPER Square Due to unexpected demand the Super Square is sold out. New stock is being precision milled at the moment. Square, measure and set with the NEW Super-Square. A high precision, large aluminium square and ruler for your workshop. Designed for woodwork, setting machines, marking out and accurate assembly. Features ruler to 300mm, 90° and 45°, large centre rule, protractor, inch to metric conversion scale.
iGAGING 100mm Double Square iGAGING 100mm Double Square
iGAGING 100mm Double Square $25.00
Now with imperial and metric on both sides of the blade. Must-have beautifully machined matt steel rule with imperial and metric markings on both sides. Rock-solid gun metal grey screw holds rule at desired setting for double square measuring. We have found these to be excellent quality and value. Also available as a 2 piece kit with the 150mm double square - HERE.

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