Multi-Square: Solid Brass Square
Multi-Square: Solid Brass Square $57.00
Rule, set, mark and square. New stock has now arrived - due to improved efficiency in the manufacturing process savings can be passed on to you in reduced prices - now under $100. The Multi-Square is a 140 x 140mm (imperial 5 ½” x 5 ½”) solid brass square and will become one of the most versatile tools in your workshop. Made from solid 1.6mm brass Photo-chemically etched markings Polished with clear coat lacquer on both sides Dowel diameters gauge 9.5 and 12mm (imperial ½” and 3/8") 140mm ruler horizontal and vertical Main angle milled to exactly 90° Certified accurate to ±0.05mm Precision CNC milled 0-70mm centre ruler (imperial 0-3″) Dovetail marker at 1:7 Mitre milled to 45° 360° protractor Made on the Gold Coast, Australia by Master Cut Technology. This item is available in both metric and for a limited time imperial. Please specify in order notes if you would like IMPERIAL otherwise the metric version will be sent.
Precision Measuring Set
Precision Measuring Set $108.00
The Precision Measuring Set gives you the Interwood Brass Rule Original and the Interwood Multi-Square together in a fitted wood case. Both tools are expertly made from brass with etched millimetre increments. The ruler reads to 350mm, has common angles, both 1:6 and 1:8 dovetail marks and has an edge rule on one end. Ideal for general measuring, marking and machine set-ups. The Mult-Square is a ‘go to’ tool for measuring up to 140mm, machine fence setting, router table work and as a general square. Made of brass, precision cut, permanently etched and has a centring ruler on the long edged. The Precision Measuring Set tools come in a Queensland silky-oak case that is mini-CNC routered and is polished with a hardwax oil. Included free with the set is an Interwood Wood Rule. High quality solid brass tools  
Veritas Plane Tool Kit Veritas Plane Tool Kit
Veritas Plane Tool Kit $66.00
Everything you need to make a hand plane. You get the Veritas Norris-style adjuster, 40mm wide PM-V11 blade fully lapped and ready to use. You supply the wood.
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Wood Measure Pocket Rule
Wood Measure Pocket Rule $44.00
Measures to a handy 160mm. Made of solid brass 2mm thick. Precision routered, it is extremely straight and accurate.
Wood Rule Wood Rule
Wood Rule $20.00
Hand selected and finished Tasmanian wood rulers. All rulers are hand checked for accuracy, laser engraved and polished with a hard wax oil.  

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