Interwood Victor Plane Kit


Using a 50° bed angle the Victor is easy to use and very handy for planing difficult wood. The Victor kit comes with a Veritas Norris-style adjuster and 40mm wide PM-V11 blade. All you need to do is saw the angles, drill holes, chisel, glue and sand.

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Make your own wood plane using this design or create your own shape.

Included in the kit is the Veritas Plane kit mechanism and instructions. Plus our Interwood Victor plane design instructions. We have rounded up to metric where practical the Veritas measurements and simplified some of the build processes. Text and step by step photographs included.

Selected Tasmanian myrtle is supplied pre-machined. You will need to saw the angles, drill holes, chisel and sand as needed. Basic wood tools, drill press and accurate power saw are recommended.

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