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Set your machine fences and tables confidently

You know your saw and fence are square when set with the Precision Square.

We stock these because they are really good. Solid, accurate and dead square.

These Precision Squares are just that. You can confidently set, check and machine accurately. Which means things go together the way you want them to. Made by master toolmakers Woodpeckers in the USA these are stable cast aluminium 6mm thick. Etched ruler markings and CNC routered. 

They are exactly 90° at the corners. The tool comes in an MDF storage case pre-drilled for wall mounting. Limited supply. A valued tool for everyday use.




Are your other tools square and accurate?

When it needs to be accurate, use the Precision Square.




Use it as a standard try square.

With cheeks on either side the Precision Square can be used for traditional layout work. The inside edge reads to 265mm, on both sides.




Beautifully made.

Woodpeckers make high quality tools with their state-of-the-art machinery. These are not cheap, but very accurate.


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