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Interwood Angle Gauge Interwood Angle Gauge
Interwood Angle Gauge $39.00
Set your sliding bevel gauge quickly and easily with the Angle Gauge. Laser etched markings in solid wood make this special tool decorative and highly useful. Gauge has a 0-50° angle range etched onto 15mm thick wood. Timber species shown is Tasmanian myrtle, (Huon pine coming soon).
Angle Cube 3 - Rechargeable Angle Cube 3 - Rechargeable
Angle Cube 3 - Rechargeable $75.00
Almost unlimited uses for setting machines and finding angles. Has magnets on three sides to attach to reference surfaces such as saw blades and machine fences.
Sold out
Interwood Super-Square Interwood Super-Square
Interwood Super-Square $175.00
Large WoodworK SUPER Square Due to unexpected demand the Super Square is sold out. New stock is being precision milled at the moment. Square, measure and set with the NEW Super-Square. A high precision, large aluminium square and ruler for your workshop. Designed for woodwork, setting machines, marking out and accurate assembly. Features ruler to 300mm, 90° and 45°, large centre rule, protractor, inch to metric conversion scale.
Veritas Plane Tool Kit Veritas Plane Tool Kit
Veritas Plane Tool Kit $97.00
Everything you need to make a hand plane. You get the Veritas Norris-style adjuster, 40mm wide PM-V11 blade fully lapped and ready to use. You supply the wood.

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